Today is a Sad Day

Bonnie won’t go potty anymore. She’s a cute little white dog, with a perky step and a steady gaze. She stands at the door, eager for it to open, but once outside, she turns around and waits. She’s waiting for her big sister, Dylan so she can shadow her wherever she goes.

Dylan's Little Shadow

Bonnie has no sense of personal space – ‘Thunk! Logs from the sky!’ But Dylan isn’t coming out today.

Happiness And Joy

Have you ever loved a black lab? Then you know their every emotion is tied directly to their tails. Dylan’s tail was constantly in motion and she was always happy. Just glancing her way was enough to earn you that heart-warming thump, thump, thump on the carpet.

Infinitely Patient

She gave unconditional love. And she was infinitely patient, especially with the kids. For 8 years she protected our family and was my faithful companion.

Man's Best Friend

Today is a sad day and we miss her dearly. Be at peace O loving friend.

Labs Leave Paw Prints On Our Hearts

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