My Wife’s Idea


A few weeks back, my wife shared an inspiration. She wanted to build an app from scratch, by herself. “Go for it”, I said, and then she set about writing and recording a meditation entitled, What Went Well.

The simplicity of happiness and gratitude combined beautifully with her personal story. I admit I was blown away. And I definitely did not expect the bomb that came next, “I have another app idea, though maybe it’ll be too risque, …” And I won’t steal her thunder by telling you the title of her next one. I’ll just say it’s never been done and I hope she can find the courage to finish it!

To celebrate, all Gigi apps are free now through Monday, March 31. Show your support by giving her first solo-effort a 5-star review!

What Went Well for iOS

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A Dream Job, A Lay Off, and Gratitude

A month ago, I started a new job in Salt Lake. For my first assignment, they sent me to Australia. It was both wonderful and stressful, and when I returned to the states, things took a turn for the worse. There was a huge round of layoffs, and as the saying goes, last in, first out. I found myself without a job.

Changes came at me too fast and I struggled. Fortunately, my wife was a rock. She reminded me to keep up my Gratitude Habit.  And she’s right of course. Despite losing my dream job, so much went well.

  1. My family is healthy – daughter, son, and wife, sitting at home, together again.
  2. My previous employer (Alion) welcomed me back with open arms! Employed again!
  3. Gigi was featured on CNET in an article about Flappy Bird.

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FREE Cyber Monday and Tuesday

Want to see what you’ve been missing? In honor of the holidays, All Gigi products are free to download for Cyber Monday and Tuesday. Find out why 140,000 invite Gigi into their homes and leave reviews like: “The Best App I’ve Ever Seen” – “Changed my Life!”

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Beyond Sex and Gratitude – The Compliment Habit - #1 Compliment App

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Not Just 2D! Download For Free or Watch in 3D.

Not Just 2-Dimensional. Gigi and Jenilee are speaking live tonight, at the Spiritualist Church in Norfolk (7:30 PM). And since the topic is marriage, we’ve made Good Sex, Great Marriage free for the day. Please leave a review and tell us what you think, even if you’re too far to visit us in 3D.


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Android fan? Support our first port to Google Play!

Know what you find if you search on “Gratitude” in the Apple App Store? First up will be The Gratitude Habit. And if you search on “Compliment”, the first will be Beyond Sex and Marriage. And “Marriage”? Yep, Gigi’s at the top, with Good Sex, Great Marriage.

Our apps are so popular on the App Store that we decided to Play on Google! And for our first go, we started with our most popular, Good Sex, Great Marriage! So, if you’re an Android fan, let us know that releasing ALL of the content for free was the right call, by giving us a +1!


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