Good Sex, Great Marriage: a Back-to-Basics Workshop


Good Sex, Great Marriage: a Back-to-Basics Workshop for Couples

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“My husband and I increased our sex and the fights stopped. Love this.” – Ila
“My boyfriend and I love it” – Badger
“Genuinely sweet” – Katie

Finally … HAPPILY married! For years, we muddled our way through fights and dry-spells. The advice we got from books, friends, and even counselors, just made things more complicated. So, we went back to the basics and came up with two simple rules we could both live by. In this workshop, 22 years in the making, we’ll share those rules with you and because it takes two to tango, you’ll hear both sides – his and hers.

“Profound in their simplicity” – Brian
“Entertaining and so so true!” – vdo
“Beyond happy I bought the rest” – SoMuchHappier

With entertaining stories, simple take-aways, and life-changing wisdom, it’s no wonder over 140,000 have welcomed Gigi’s apps into their lives.

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