19 : Breaking My Own Rule! On Steam, Greenlight, and Overcoming Fear

I broke my own rule! A few weeks ago, I shared a project I was working on, before it was really ready. And after that, I kept putting off creating the video that I needed to get my project on Steam. Week after week, I did nothing, because I was afraid. This episode is about overcoming fear.


  • Breaking My Own Rule (00:35)
  • Getting onto Steam Greenlight
  • Overcoming Fear!
  • Topic – Start With Something Small (05:30)
    • From A to B, via Z
    • The Path – Little Steps
    • The Power of Community
  • Topic – Set A Hard Deadline (14:20)
    • Let’s Ride Bikes
    • From Closet to Bedroom
  • Zen Moment (21:10)
    • Success Begets Success

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