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005 : By Request! The Game Design of Squares, Circles, and Triangles

Game Design Zen : Episode 005 What should I talk about? When I asked my friend, there was no hesitation – “Squares, Circles, and Triangles.” I asked, “Really?” And he answered, “It was my favorite! You said it would change … Continue reading

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GDZ 004 : The Most Important Skill? The Rocket Surgery of Story, Yes And, and Charisma

Game Design Zen : Episode 004 What is our most important skill? Though we need creativity, logic, and business, the path to excellence is the rocket surgery of Story, Yes And, and Charisma. This episode tackles practical ways to communicate … Continue reading

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GDZ 003 : Level Up! Portfolios, Finishing, and Next Steps

Game Design Zen : Episode 003 How can you level up? Whether breaking in, or looking for the next opportunity, we pursue excellence through deliberate practice – building a portfolio of finished projects. Stand apart, improve, and level up. The … Continue reading

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GDZ 002 : Flow – The one design idea you must know

Game Design Zen : Episode 002 What is the one thing you must know? When we play games, we become so involved in the activity that nothing else seems to matter. Minutes can be so intense they feel like an hour, … Continue reading

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GDZ 001 : How much is enough? The Paradox of Choice for Game Design

Game Design Zen : Episode 001 How much is enough? With Sid Meier defining games as a series of interesting and meaningful choices, we often stuff in as many choices as possible! In this episode we explore World of Warcraft … Continue reading

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