GDZ 001 : How much is enough? The Paradox of Choice for Game Design

Game Design Zen : Episode 001

How much is enough? With Sid Meier defining games as a series of interesting and meaningful choices, we often stuff in as many choices as possible! In this episode we explore World of Warcraft and Rift, to show WHY the Paradox of Choice matters. We discuss how to design to avoid option paralysis, postponing decisions, and regret. We introduce flow, permanence, and practical tips we can apply today.

  • The Paradox of Choice (01:00) – Sid Meier
  • Psychology – Barry Schwartz (03:20)
  • Why Do We Care (04:00) - Wow vs Rift
  • Why Rift Struggled (11:45)
  • Impact of Paradox of Choice (14:28)
    • Option Paralysis
    • Postpone Decisions
    • Regret
  • Impact to Flow (17:30)
  • Rule of Thumb : 3 (19:50)
  • Simplification
  • Zen Spot – Permanence (24:00)
    • Opportunity Cost
    • Limited Impact

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