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021 : To Purple Cow or Not to Purple Cow? That is the Question

(Some information was lost. Someone keeps hacking the site. Apologies, I think) So he asked, “Are you still a fan of the Purple Cow?” Game dev students were asking the same question, from Virginia to Detroit. It’s a simple question, … Continue reading

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020 : How Do You Do It? Three Tips for Getting Things Done

(Why do people hack educational podcasts? I cannot imagine) Years ago, my boss asked, “How do you get all that stuff done?” Then, last week, my friend asked a similar question. And I realized, I didn’t have an answer. So … Continue reading

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19 : Breaking My Own Rule! On Steam, Greenlight, and Overcoming Fear

I broke my own rule! A few weeks ago, I shared a project I was working on, before it was really ready. And after that, I kept putting off creating the video that I needed to get my project on … Continue reading

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Quest Complete! A Visual Guide for Flow and Simplicity in Games (aka Flow Space)

(The full PDF is here) I was stumped. The educators in the room were all staring up at me, waiting for me to finish my sentence. Unfortunately, my mind had blanked. I could not recall the ingredients of Flow. In … Continue reading

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18 : Becoming Indie – On Starting A Business

What about the business? Kenzai asked what it meant to start a business. So, this episode goes zen – covering everything from becoming an indie, to money, to products. It even discusses why you need a Purple Cow. NOW AVAILABLE ON YouTube! Kenzai’s Challenge (00:35) My Journey To … Continue reading

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