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Can a Video Game Be Art?

Do you remember Roger Ebert? He’s that jovial father figure from the Siskel and Ebert movie critic show. I must have watched a gazillion of his reviews. But sometimes, Mr Ebert talks about stuff other than movies. For instance, a … Continue reading

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Gigi Makes Headlines! In the VaPilot.

It was the main story in Sunday’s business section. It begins: It’s dark outside and you can’t find your flashlight? There’s an app for that. Have an unexplainable need to know the name of the last Mila Kunis movie? There’s … Continue reading

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Tears of Happiness

I couldn’t finish my sentence. I was reading aloud, to my family – sharing a review for the Gratitude Habit. But, my voice cracked. Emotion overwhelmed me and I began to cry. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. They were … Continue reading

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