18 : Becoming Indie – On Starting A Business

What about the business? Kenzai asked what it meant to start a business. So, this episode goes zen – covering everything from becoming an indie, to money, to products. It even discusses why you need a Purple Cow.


  • Kenzai’s Challenge (00:35)
  • My Journey To Indie
  • Topic – Start Your Business (04:50)
  • Topic – Money (7:50)
    • Costs
    • Cashflow
    • Write Offs
  • Topic – Products (15:00)
    • Makes The Business
  • Zen Moment (20:00)

The Game Design Zen Podcast is the intersection of games, life, and the pursuit of excellence. It is the #1 resource for Game developers, artists, and designers including the art, science, and business of developing better games. Level up to zen!

Will you forget this? It's a Purple Cow

Will you forget this? It’s a Purple Cow

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