GDZ 002 : Flow – The one design idea you must know

Game Design Zen : Episode 002

What is the one thing you must know? When we play games, we become so involved in the activity that nothing else seems to matter. Minutes can be so intense they feel like an hour, and yet, hours can fly by in minutes. That experience is flow, and it’s the reason we play. In this episode, we discuss what flow is, why it matters, and the simple recipe we can use to promote it in our games. Then, we discuss a brand new visualization that makes it easier to remember : Flow Space.

  • What Flow Looks Like (01:25)
  • The State of Flow (04:00)
    • Clear Goals (08:40) – Explicit, Implicit, Player Driven Goals
    • Feedback (14:40)
    • Balanced Difficulty (18:00)
    • No Distractions (21:45)
  • Zen Spot – Flow Space (25:00)

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The Flow Diagram


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