GDZ 003 : Level Up! Portfolios, Finishing, and Next Steps

Game Design Zen : Episode 003

How can you level up? Whether breaking in, or looking for the next opportunity, we pursue excellence through deliberate practice – building a portfolio of finished projects. Stand apart, improve, and level up.

  • The Hiring Perspective (02:30)
    • Joel on Software – Smart and Gets Things Done
  • Luck (05:30) – Lucky Luck and Prepared for Opportunity
  • Networking (06:50)
  • Portfolio (08:45)
    • Dropping the Gauntlet (12:15)
  • What Gets In Our Way (18:00)
    1. Perfection
    2. Sunk Cost Fallacy
    3. Loss Aversion
  • Art, Coding, and The Design Guy (23:45)
  • The Dream (26:25)
  • Zen Spot – College or Not? (28:25)

Game Design Zen is the intersection of game design, life, and the pursuit of excellence. It is the #1 resource for developers, artists, and designers including the art, science, and business of better games. Level up to zen.

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