GDZ 004 : The Most Important Skill? The Rocket Surgery of Story, Yes And, and Charisma

Game Design Zen : Episode 004

What is our most important skill? Though we need creativity, logic, and business, the path to excellence is the rocket surgery of Story, Yes And, and Charisma. This episode tackles practical ways to communicate better.


  • Building Games is the new Rocket Surgery (00:45)
  • Dunning Kruger – Unskilled and Unaware (03:25)
  • Listening & Jesse Schell (04:40)
    • Tell Me (05:30)
  • Yes And (08:00)
  • Story (18:30)
    1. Question/Challenge
    2. Emotional Struggle
    3. Galvanizing Conclusion (preferably with a twist)
  • Charisma (25:40)
    • Nod Less (and slower)
    • Pause
    • Down Notes

Game Design Zen is the intersection of game design, life, and the pursuit of excellence. It is the #1 resource for developers, artists, and designers including the art, science, and business of better games. Level up to zen.


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