Beyond Sex and Gratitude: the Compliment Habit


Beyond Sex and Gratitude: Better Parenting, Teaching, Coaching, and Marriage with the Compliment Habit

Available for iPad and iPhone.

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“Truly life-changing” – Linda
“Every teacher should have this app” – dmmizu
“Share with your family” – Chris

“But you took first place! How come you want to quit now?” As a parent, teacher, coach, and husband, I struggled with questions like this. Until I realized that I was a part of the problem. Now, I use the Compliment Habit – a simple technique that improves every relationship!

“Find the real joy in life” – Lane
“Inspiring and heartfelt” – Soloviolin
“Coping with disability, finding serenity, even good sex: Beach developer lets you carry life-affirming tips in your pocket” – The Virginian Pilot

With entertaining stories, simple take-aways, and life-changing wisdom, it’s no wonder over 140,000 have welcomed Gigi’s apps into their lives.

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