‘My Neighbor Totoro’ – G.G. – Story Design

I recently watched an older movie, ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. I have always loved Hayao Miyazaki’s work and was thrilled to learn there was one I hadn’t seen. The first 30 minutes were wonderfully told even with the simplest of plots. Through perfect craftsmanship, the author portrays the essence of what it feels like to be a child. The darling girls will leave you giggling and warm your heart.

Satsuki Lends Totoro An Umbrella

We had to pause the movie in the middle because we ran out of time. But, it made it all the more fun, when the whole family rushed to the couch the next evening, to finish this compelling tale.

Though it’s not strictly about game design, Totoro gets a G.G. for storytelling at its absolute finest. For you story crafter’s out there, I recommend studying the first 30 mins of this tale in depth. Watch it over and over, until you truly grok why it works.

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