Why Games Work – The Science of Learning

Direct Link To Paper: Why Games Work – The Science of Learning. (PS – some external sites do not like direct links to a PDF format, so I used this blog post instead).

A few months ago, I had a realization. At first, it didn’t seem like much. A little side-step from what I was writing about. But, as I worked on it, I realized it was something more: a new idea. It sent chills up my arms. After much research, I couldn’t find many papers on the topic, so… I wrote my own.

The paper is: Why Games Work – The Science of Learning. It will officially be published/presented at the Modsim World 2011 Conference in October. But I want to open it up to get early feedback. Maybe I missed something. Maybe it’s been covered already. Help me refine the idea. Shout out and let me know.

Here’s the idea in a nutshell: the things that are known to improve learning are almost exactly the reasons why games work. In other words, games work because of the laws of learning.

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Helen Routledge
Helen Routledge

It's my gravitas icon. I set it up in my own blog and now it appears everywhere :)


Ok, I feel kind of silly, but I have to ask. How did you get a picture on the replies?

Helen Routledge
Helen Routledge

Seems like a constant battle to balance the need to create great gaming experiences for end users but also meeting the needs of the decision makers. Some we win, some we lose. Until these two gel, or at least become more forgiving we wont see the industry grow to meet its full potential. And hopefully your paper will help us win some :D Unfortunately I'm not at SEIGE, ModSim or I/ITSEC but I am at Learning 2011. Based in the UK we have to be quite selective about which US conferences we visit!

Helen Routledge
Helen Routledge

As soon as I read the sentence 'Games work because of the laws of
learning.' I had to read on. I'm an instructional game designer and one of the challenges I come across in my role pretty much every day is to help people understand why games work. My background is in behavioural sciences and especially psychology so I've studied developmental behaviour and learning theory for years, and your paper provides a really nice summary for explaining the core aspects of learning theory and how they link to game design! Totally agree with everything you said and feel everyone in L&D interested in taking their training to the next level should read this! :)