Ignite Your Feedback!

Feedback comes in lots of forms. Sometimes, we get feedback by watching how people respond to what we say. Sometimes, they might even tell us directly. And, sometimes, as is the case with games, we see something directly happen as a result of our actions and choices.

But, a few days ago, I experienced a completely different kind of feedback. About 12 of us were practicing our talks for an upcoming Ignite Hampton Roads event.  I’m in a room, filled entirely of leaders from the Tidewater area – every one of them is accomplished in their field, is passionate, and has an inspiring story to tell.

I end up going first and I was pretty nervous – the Ignite format is really intense. It’s like a Ted talk, but you have exactly 5 minutes – 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds.  There is no room for error and you better know your stuff cold.

So, after I went, I got some feedback and made some notes. It was helpful and all, but that’s not where my real learning kicked in.  What happened next is that I watched speaker after speaker do their thing. And each of them was just amazing.  They are all passionate and driven leaders. And, in watching them speak and hearing the guidance they gave to each other, I know I witnessed something fantastic. And that is where I got the most amazing feedback about myself. I learned a LOT about my own presentation, just by watching and listening other people speak.

I’m not sure I’m any less nervous than I was, but I am a lot more prepared and I look forward to seeing everyone this Tuesday in Virginia Beach. Ignite baby!

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