Purple Cows

Today, I turned 40! It’s my birthday and now I’m officially old.

Want to know what my favorite gift was? A cereal bowl – the Obol. It’s this silly, curvy bowl that leans at an odd angle. I like that the cereal goes up top, on a little ledge, and the milk stays down below. I didn’t know it before, but I realize now that I do prefer eating non-soggy cereal – crunchy frosted flakes!

The bowl even has a thumb shelf. I never knew I needed a place to rest my thumb, but I like it. Somehow I’ve already become attached to it. My bowl is unique and my wife got it for me because she knew I’d love it. And I do.

Purple Cows!

My Obol inspires me. It’s exactly the kind of product I want to make – a purple cow. A product that is way better than the other cows. Something unique, that I didn’t even know I wanted. An ordinary product that is so different that I’m blogging about it. Awesome!

Today, I turned 40. I still eat cereal like a teenager, so my wife gave me a unique gift. And the best gift of all?  Inspiration.

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