009 : What Is A Game? I’ve Got The Story – Not Sure What’s Next

Game Design Zen : Episode 009

What Now? I’ve got a great story, set in a far-distant future. Not sure what to do next. As crazy as it sounds, this happens sometimes. This episode explores what a game is to help us all improve our designs.

  • Kenzai’s Request – More Conversational (0:40)
  • League of Legends World Championships (05:15)
  • “How do I fill this with something exciting?” (06:10)
  • What is a Game? (08:40)
    • Ted Brown’s Idea (13:10)
    • Goals + Mechanics + Feedback
    • Why We Care – The Definition In Our Head (18:20)
  • What is a Mechanic? (20:45)
    • What’s the Player Doing? (22:20)
    • The Core Mechanic! World of Warcraft + GTAV
  • Start With One (27:00)
  • Zen Moment (28:00)
    • The One Line Elevator Pitch

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