010 : “Truly Unique” – An Open Response to a Crazy Letter

Game Design Zen : Episode 010

It never fails. I’m chatting with friends when I stumble across the Newbie Letter. It’s full of wild ideas, crazy ambitions, and most telling, the 5-year plan for a game that is ‘truly unique’. This episode is an open response.

  • Something Different
  • The Letter (01:45)
  • Truly Unique (05:30)
    • Ira Glass – My Taste Is Killer
  • We Know What Good Is (08:00)
  • 5 Years of Motivation (09:15)
  • Making Progress (17:35)
  • Once We’re Done (18:45)
    • Don’t Tell
  • People Can Say What They Want (21:10)
  • Zen Moment (25:30)
    • Anything Can Be Accomplished

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