011 : League of Legends vs Heroes of the Storm!

Game Design Zen : Episode 011

Who will win? We’re just days away from seeing if SKT will once away be crowned champs as they take on new comers, Koo Tigers. So with eyes turned toward Korea, let’s have our own battle - League of Legends versus Heroes of the Storm.


  • A Surprise Visit to Korea (00:40)
  • League of Legends Versus Heroes of the Storm (05:40)
  • Why? (10:00)
  • Quality – AAA (11:05)
    • Mechashark Versus MegaShark
    • Graphics, Marketing, Technology
  • Design (13:30)
  • Differentiators (15:45)
    • Frustration (17:20)
    • Last Hitting, Skill, Game Length (21:00)
    • Social! (24:00)
    • The Intrinsic Experience (29:30)
  • Zen Moment (31:15)
    • Build What The Customer Wants

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