015 : Failure, Taste, and the Closet Star Wars Geek – the Season 1 Finale

What about failure? Your greatest ideas don’t live up to your expectations. You haven’t conquered the world. And yet, as Ira Glass says, your taste is killer. This is the season one finale of Game Design Zen – you won’t want to miss it. Happy Holidays!

  • Andrew’s Story – Frustration, Feedback Friday, and Freaking Out (00:35)
  • Season Finale (04:00)
  • Failure (7:00)
    • Freaking Out
    • “If you’re not falling down, you’re not improving”
    • The Fiery Crucible
  • Platforms are Different (14:45)
    • iOS vs Android vs Steam
    • Good Sex, Great Marriage
  • Challenge Yourself (22:05)
  • Zen Moment (25:20)
    • The Journey
    • Star Wars – Pucumir Thryss – Anagram of me!
    • Try, Improve, and Repeat
I'm part of the Star Wars universe!

I’m part of the Star Wars universe!

The Game Design Zen Podcast is the intersection of games, life, and the pursuit of excellence. It is the #1 resource for Game developers, artists, and designers including the art, science, and business of developing better games. Level up to zen!

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